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Cinque Terre has become increasingly popular with tourists, so much that it had to introduce a ticketing system to limit the entrances in 2016. But the latest news are the new security procedures which will be employed soon. The reason is that the paths above the villages are like mountain trails and many unaware tourists use flip-flops, pumps and sandals while they are tackling the steep, winding trails of the site. Tourists heading for Cinque Terre region this summer could be fined up to €2,500 (£2,155) if they don’t wear appropriate footwear. Mountain rescue teams have lost their patience with ill-equipped tourists who are not suitably dressed to clamber up the narrow, challenging footpaths. Anyway, an information campaign will be launched to re-educate visitors before the introduction of the fines, ranging from €50-€2,500, with the amount dependent on the inconvenience caused and the expense incurred in being rescued.

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