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Capri Island video by Russo and Sorensen: a gesture of love for the most beautiful island in the world.

In the top ten destionation that a traveller should visit once in a life there is a jewel of our land: Capri Island, “queen of rock” as Pablo Neruda describe it in his poems.

Capri is a “mythical place”, according to legend, it was here that Ulysses met the sirens during his odyssey for the Mediterranean. It seems that the beautiful mermaid Partenope, disappointed by not having enchanted Ulysses with her mellow voice, threw herself from the island to let herself die on the beaches in front of Capri near the islet of Megaride. During the Roman times, Capri was the place chosen by the Roman emperor Tiberius, who loved the island from the first moment and where he spent his last years of life away from the hostilities that meandered in Roman palaces. Here are the remains of his magnificent Villa Jovis, also known for the legend of the Salto di Tiberio: near the lighthouse of Villa Jovis there is a 297 meters frightening high precipice. It is said that, from this cliff of rock overlooking the sea, Tiberius amused himself by plunging political enemies, lovers and sentenced to death into the void.

The tourist fame of Capri began in the mid-800s, with the discovery of the mysterious Blue Grotto, which made the island an inevitable destination in the Grand Tour of
internationally renowned writers and artists to become the place of the summer “Dolcevita” in the 1950s, attracting characters from the world jet set.

Today, the numbers of visitors attracted to Capri and to its breathtaking panoramas, its history and its fame are very high; it has also remained the most sought after destination for international film and entertainment stars.

Capri is perfectly managed by its inhabitants who have been able to recognize and enhance every single aspect of it. The island is the perfect deal for those who are looking for a holiday of relaxation and glamour, but it is also perfect for those who want to spend a full day excursion, thanks to the numerous hydrofoils and ferry boats that in just over half an hour from Naples and from the main ports of the peninsula, can take you there and and bring you back in the evening.

Today, after more than a month of lockdown due to the coronavirus we want to show you a beautiful but nostalgic Capri. The video was born from the collaboration between the fashion entrepreneur Roberto Russo and the wedding planner Diana Sorensen, who in love with Capri, chose it as the favorite location for its major world events, bringing the most important names of the international star system to the island.

A gesture of love for the most beautiful island in the world. These are the words of Roberto Russo: “The video was born from the idea to ​​give, in the life of these days, a sign of hope and optimism. We intended to retrace the history of our island from the 50s to the present day, with a pill of positivity! Our island is ready to roll up its sleeves and start working for a rebirth that must affect our whole country. We don’t have much time, but we have a certainty. The work ahead of us will be hard and tiring. We are ready “

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