Barely an hour drive away from Milan and its well know turistic spots, we can find an amount of amazing italian hamlets. Even if not known by most of the tourists they represent a sight that shouldn’t be missed while visiting this amazing region of Italy.

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Here we can find a hidden gem near Piacenza, the hamlet of Grazzano Visconti. Originally founded in 1395, it was uninhabited for decades until the early years of the 19th century when a nobleman, the Duke Giuseppe Visconti, decided to had it rebuilt and restored. Everything was rebuilt following a style heavily inspired to the medieval themes giving the hamlet an unique and magical atmospshere.

Borgo Visconti 2

Only the original church of Sant Anna still stands, but it has been converted into the Vistonti family private chapel. In this enchanting hamlet you can find several shops and workshops with tipical produts displayed, such as the chocolateand the medieval inspired cousine.

The marvelous park around the Villa has been built following the Duke’s instructions to recreate a medieval yet classical style.The whole place with its labyrinthic gardens is said to be the place of sightings of the ghost of a young woman named Aloisa, believed to have died due to her unrequited love. Many claim to have seen this ghost and even having spoke to her, here many couples call for her name and protection while bringing flowers to her statues.


Another intersting thing to see it’s the House of the Children, where everything has been made in a size suitable for kids and their enjoyment.

Unfortunately this medieval hamtlet is not too well suited for disabled and wheelchair users. Its roads and sites can be visited by all but most of the typical shops aren’t easy to access due to the presence of steps and barriers.