On April 12th 2019 in Rome, the famous Scala Sancta (Holy Stairs) open to the public until June 9th 2019, the holy day of Pentecost.

According to the tradition, Jesus went up this staircase the day of His death to go to Pontius Pilate, in Jerusalem, and it was brought to Rome by Saint Helena, Constantine the Great’s mother, in 326 AD.

The staircase, located near Archbasilica of Saint John in Lateran, is composed by 28 steps made of marble and all of them, except for the last one, have a rut on their surface made by all the pilgrims who went up the stairs on their knees throughout the years. Moreover, according to the tradition, on the staircase there are 4 stains of Jesus’ blood, three of them are covered by crosses while the fourth is covered by a grate since there is a hole.

The steps are usually covered by wood, however, this year, the covering will be removed until the day of Pentecost and visitors will be able to climb the original staircase on their knees. The wooden framework was put by Pope Innocent XIII in 1723, so this is the first time people can see the original staircase after more than 3 centuries.


To visit the Holy Stairs, you must make a reservation via mail to scalasantaroma@gmail.com


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From April 17th to November 3rd 2019 in Rome at the Roman Forum, people will be able to live the experience of life in the Ancient Rome thanks to the project “Journeys through Ancient Rome” that recreates the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar with the use of advanced technologies and Piero Angela’s voice, a famous Italian science journalist and television host, who will recount lots of historic and scientific information about that period of history.

Forum of Caesar: the story told by Piero Angela starts from the excavations made for the construction of Via dei Fori Imperiali that involved thousand of workers who had to dig out the area until the level of Ancient Rome. Then the story leads to the daily life of Romans and evokes the figure of Julius Caesar and what he made. The story is accompanied by virtual reconstructions and videos.

Forum of Augustus: Piero Angela talk about the figure of Augustus and the Imperial age that started under his domination and that allowed Rome to rule over an extended empire (from current England to most of Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa). At that time, Rome had more than 1 million inhabitants and it was the biggest metropolis of ancient age.


The two spectacles have different schedules, to know more about it click here.


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Palazzo Barberini, the house of the National Gallery of Ancient Art in Rome, has reacquired 10 rooms that were used by the Italian Air Force until a couple of years ago. These rooms, located at the south wing on the noble floor, were restored and converted into a museum that will hold many works of art, belonging to the Neapolitan 17th and 18th centuries, never seen or rarely seen before. At the beginning, only 78 pieces of art will be exhibited including painting, views, works of the Grand Tour painters and those given by Lemme family, but also some sculptures and objects. Then, other works will be added to the exhibit.

Moreover, in this new project, some rooms will host masterpieces that will be replaced by others every six months so that every work can be exhibited, in particular the rooms about the Neapolitan painting and Pompeo Batoni will host works by Bernardo Cavallino, Francesco Solimena and many more artists.

The restoration of these rooms is part of a general renovation of the museum that includes new lighting and captions, but also a new ticket office, a bookshop and a coffee bar.


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Verona is hosting the Vinitaly exposition from April 6th to April 10th 2019. This is the 53th edition of the exposition, indeed it first took place in Verona in1967. Vinitaly is an international wine exposition and competition in which thousands of wine firms present their products every year and it is the biggest wine exposition in the world.

This year, more than 4,600 companies from 35 different countries are participating and, despite the show is restricted to wine professionals only, tickets are already sold-out. Specialists use it as a way to promote their products and make new agreements with companies around the world. In particular, Italian wine firms, especially the emerging ones, use the response their wines receive during the show to measure the health and success of the market. During the exposition various tastings are organized and wines are judged by a jury made of five members who will award the best wines with Grand Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze medal.

During Vinitaly not only wines are exhibited, but there is also Sol&Agrifood an international exposition about olive oil, food and beer.

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Accessible Etna

The volcano Etna is worldwide renowned as the greatest active volcano of the Eurasian zone. Around the Volcano there are wonderful landscapes, full of rich vegetation, animals, wild sounds and perfumes. The Etna Park is important to preserve and enhance the unique kind of flora and fauna that surround the volcano.  In 2013 Etna was declared a UNESCO heritage site. For long time the paths in the park were inaccessible but recently they have turned accessible for everybody.

The park is a fascinating destination for those who love nature, animals, outside sports, food, culture and tradition, furthermore there are plenty of forests, breath-taking views, typical products and little villages. The park is divided into two main sites, in the first one the nature is preserved as it is, with no or very few human-actions, while in the second one people have developed a sustainable agriculture that respects the environment.

The paths are usually built on recent or historic lava flows and forest areas. The many paths allow visitators to dive into the forests and to feel the atmosphere of the unspoiled nature. This is a very enriching experience for everybody. In order to allow people with different needs to enjoy the breath-taking experience, a special path, named “Path of Germplasm” and accessible for everybody, has been built.  In 2013 the ANFASS (an association for disability) has promoted the initiative “Paths for all” focusing on the importance and respect of diversity, both in nature and humanity. Many disabled people have crossed the path and said to be extraordinary happy about the event. Now the park offers specialised tours that answer to all different people’s needs. In the areas people can also spend some time relaxing in the nature, playing different outside activities or learning about the biodiversity thanks to the various learning experiences offered by the park.

After the tours people can also taste the characteristic products of the area, like the DOC Etna white or red wine, the DOC Etna extra virgin olive oil and the typical Etna “tabacchiera” peach.

The Etna is located near Catania, in the East of Sicily, and it is easily reachable by car or train. For more information about locations, please check the dedicated website.


Our staff can also provide all the equipment that you need, such as different kind of wheelchairs, electric, manual and shower chair with small or big wheels. We provide private vehicles for daily excursions and tours throughout Italy. For more information about all the services that we offer please check the dedicated website.


We highly recommend you to always book in advance, in order to obtain the best services.


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Assistance and Private vehicles equipped with platform

Accessible Hotel in Italy

Accessible Accomodation in Italy

Special wheelchair for inaccessible archeological sites: Wheely Trekky



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Holidays are that time of the year awaited by both young and old. However, start planning a holiday trip is never easy. First of all, you have to decide where and when to go and what to visit, after that comes the boring part: find a good hotel and make the reservation. For disabled people is even more difficult. They have to find a good and accessible hotel and look for companies who provide accessible tours and services.

When people come to Italy, they usually want to visit ancient monuments and archeological sites. However, not all ancient sites around Italy are suitable for accessible tourism, some are partially accessible, others are still inaccessible.

Rome and Italy group offers special services for people with all kind of disability in order to allow them enjoy the same spectacular places as other people: accessible accommodations 100% certified personally by its staff, rental of any kind of equipment and accessible transportation by vehicles equipped with platforms. Of course, Rome and Italy group offers private and accessible tours and provides the rental of a special chair, the Wheely Trekky, for inaccessible archeological sites. It is a particular wheelchair formed by a seat, one wheel and two armrests and it is carried by two qualified assistants. Armrests are placed in the front and in the back of the chair to support it when not in motion, moreover they allow movement up and down hills, through cobblestones or bumpy terrain. Thanks to a shock absorber, the client feels comfortable on any kind of surface. The Wheely Trekky is easily rolled thanks to its 360°degree maneuverability around obstacles such as stones, holes and steps, allowing visitors to safely navigate the country’s archaeological sites and areas that were not accessible for normal wheelchairs until now. In addition, Rome and Italy can offer the rental of an electric hoist with sling only for the day of the tour that helps people to get on and off the Wheely Trekky without difficulties. Finally, shock absorbers under the chair keep the ride smooth.

Wheely Trekky special wheelchair is available for the following excursions: Roman Forum, Villa of the Quintilii, Ancient Ostia, Appian Way Park, Baths of Caracalla, Villa Adriana (Tivoli), Montecassino, St. Angelo Castle and Ercolano.

If you have special requirement do not hesitate to contact Rome and Italy’s staff! They work on private basis and build the offer based on client’s requests.

Tours with Wheely Trekky include two qualified assistants and a private tour guide. On request Rome and Italy provides also accessible transportation from and to the hotel by vehicle equipped with platform.

Now you can enjoy the ancient sites thanks to Rome and Italy group and their Wheely Trekky, the special wheelchair for inaccessible archeological sites available only with us. Wheelchair user travelers are now on “equal footing” with other travelers as they view all of Italy’s historical sites from Wheely Trekky.

For further information about Wheely Trekky or accessible services offered by Rome and Italy group, you can contact us to info@romeanditaly.it or visit our website www.romeanditaly.com

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When we talk about Rome and its historical heritage we can think about a lot of monuments, buildings and other stuff that you can see when you take a walk in its street. However, there are some that are still unknown to many people, even Romans. One of them is the Mausoleum of Monte del Grano, located under a little hill of olive trees in Piazza dei Tribuni. Even though there aren’t many details about its history and who made it build, it looks like it was built during the 2nd century AD and the sarcophagus found within the mausoleum belong to an important member of the imperial family. There are no doubts that visiting the mausoleum has to be part of everyone’s “things-to-see” list, since beyond its original structure there are remains of ancient shutters and travertine blocks.

The building is open to the public, but only small groups of people guided by a tourist guide can enter.


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Castles all around Emilia-Romagna opens its doors to the public for special tours and exhibitions from March 23rd to 24th 2019. Some exhibits will be dedicated to children, like the workshop about Harry Potter at Rocca Sforzesca or the one about the Japanese theatre at Rocca Sanvitale. At Rocca Viscontea, Torre di Oriolo and Fortezza di Terra del Sole, visitors will also taste some typical wines, like the Hippocras. Beyond the standard visit, some castles will open rooms and buildings people cannot visit during standard tours, indeed Rocca di Castrocaro will show the Medici’s arsenal and the Castle of Rivalta Trebbia will open its tower.

All tours will be held by a guide.


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Science before science: an exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da vinci

From March 13th to June 30th 2019 the Scuderie del Quirinale, with the help of the National museum of science and technology and the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, will host an exhibition dedicated to renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci, who died exactly 500 years ago.  The exhibition analyzes the relationship between Leonardo,often presented as a solitary genius, and his contemporaries,  his personal interests as well as his private studies, influenced by the people he met and the places he travelled to which caught his attention, such as Milan and, in his later years, Rome. Some of Leonardo’s original drawings and personal objects are exhibited as well as the only known book which certainly belonged to him. An interesting exhibition which displays the whole creative carreer of Leonardo, from the very beginning to his last days.


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Parma to be the italian capital of culture 2020

Parma has been chosen as the italian capital of culture for the year 2020; after Palermo was nominated italian capital of culture 2018 and Matera european capital of culture for 2019, this seems to be an appropriate choice as to suggest a sort of continuity with an idea of cultural beauty. Parma is one of the italian cities that have mostly valorized music, its landscape, the richness of its gastronomic tradition and art in general; the city has won the nomination with unanimous decision by the judges also because of the many projects that were presented. Among these projects, the most important are the opening for the public of the Ospedale Vecchio, the valorization of the Centro Studi and the archive of communication of  the univerisity, the creation of the “city of the muses”, a project that will bring art and music to the suburbs of Parma with the help of the “Arrigo Boito” conservatory. The Teatro Regio (royal theatre) will host the most important cultural events, such as a special edition of the Festival Verdi and a whole season dedicated to the twentieth century, together with the Fondazione Toscanini and the Fondazione Teatro Due. As it was shown, all cultural institutions, with a particular attention to music, will contribute to events that promise to be amazing, not only for italians!


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