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Change the usually dates! This year 2021 from September 19th until October 9th

Viareggio changes the dates of its famous Carnival due to the pandemic.

VIAREGGIO’S CARNIVAL: Change the usually dates! This year 2021 from September 19th until October 9th

Do you want to enjoy an amazing adventure in Viareggio, but it is not Carnival’s period? Do not worry!

Due to the pandemic, Viareggio has changed the dates of its famous Carnival, so you can still take place in it! Actually, Viareggio’s Carnival 2021 started on the 18th of September and will finish on the 9th October. Five parades of the allegorical wagons on Viali a Mare for an “Universal Carnival”, dedicated to all the traditions, histories and cultures of the Carnival of all over the world.

It is the first time in about 150 years that the masked courses of Viareggio’s Carnival are in program between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. An amazing and unique edition for the city of Viareggio, willed by the Carnival Foundation and by the artists that are working in the hangars of the Cittadella to finish their giants allegorical constructions.

Two events had already taken place: the first one on Saturday the 18th of September, with the opening ceremony, and the second one on Sunday 26th of September. Do not despair! There are still three more events that you can enjoy!

–          On Saturday the 2nd of October from 6 pm there will be the 3rd masked course by night;

–          On Sunday the 3rd of October from 4 pm there will be the 4th masked course;

–          And, in conclusion, on Saturday the 9th of October from 6 pm there will be the 5th  and closing masked course, this one by night too. At the end there will be the proclamation of the verdicts of the jury.

Here are some of the wagons that are taking place in the contest:

–          “Once upon a time in America”: “we learned how to fly like birds, to swim like fish, but we didn’t learn the art of living like brothers”. These are Martin Luther King’s words from the last century. Unfortunately, today things are not changed a lot and the brutality and gravity of some episodes of 2020 show that for the Afro-American community the American dream didn’t come true yet;

–          “Amazonia”: Brazil’s native populations, threatened since the conquerors’ times by financial interests, are still resisting. On July 2020 more than 6.803 fires have hit one of the most rich places for biodiversity.;

–          “Under Under”: how many times did we ask ourselves:” what there would be under under?”. And we have been captured by theories and mistrusts. The builder, using the sea like a life’s metaphor, shows us what there actually is “under”;

–          “Artemis: the nature rebelled”: the eternal fight between good and bad, life and death is still going on, since the dawn of the times;

–          “Wonderful World”: he has sacrificed 27 years of his life in a small cell, growing the hope of showing to the humanity that the world is, in fact, a wonderful world. This is the message that Nelson Mandela, the protagonist of this wagon, is trying to send.

–          “Get out of this body!”: the pandemic that has upset our age, the fight of the scientific world against the virus, the engagement of doctors and nurses to stop the diffusion of the virus. Strong images that show the battle against the coronavirus.

There are a lot of more wagons to find out, so hurry up! Let’s book your trip to Viareggio and enjoy its beautiful and unique Carnival!

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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