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Accessible tour in Verona: on the tracks of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

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  • Fun 90% 90%

Accessible Verona tour is a half-day private guided tour designated for wheelchair users.

“There is no world without Verona walls” wrote Shakespeare in his masterpiece Romeo and Juliet which is set in the city of Verona. ...

The accessible city of Verona, crossed by the river Adige, is located between “Venice and the Lake Garda” and, since 2000, the UNESCO inscribed its historical center as a World Heritage Site. The origins of Verona date back to the IV century b.C. but it is during the Roman period that the city reached its majesty, which we can admire today through its various monuments.

Our accessible Verona tour will start from the accessible “via Cappello, a street that owes its name to an important family, which used to live here in the 14th century. Located in this street, there is the famous Juliet’s house, a house built between the 13th and the 14th century in Medieval style, which is thought to be the house where Juliet lived. Along the walls that lead to the entrance of the house, tourists and lovers have at their disposal a wall where they can leave a note or write their own love promises to their partner.

Moving through “via Cappello”, we arrive in the accessible “Piazza delle erbe,” a rectangular-shaped square which in the past represented the core of the city. Long ago, in this square, there used to be a market of herbs and this is the reason why the square has this name nowadays.

The “Colonna di San Marco” stands out against the square and has on its top the statue of a winged lion (which is the symbol of the city of “Venice” and represents the hegemony of the latter on “Verona”). From the square, looking towards the northern side, it is possible to admire “Palazzo Maffei” a Baroque style palace of the XVII century, which has on its façade six statues of Pagan gods. On the left there is “Torre del Gardello”, the first tower equipped with a clock in all Italy.

When visiting the city of “Verona”, the accessible Arena di Verona is a stop not to be missed. Just a few minutes from the “Piazza delle erbe”, stands this Roman amphitheater (the 3rd largest Roman amphitheater), built in the first half of the 1st century a.C., with the purpose of hosting gladiator fights, which Roman emperors used mainly with the aim of gaining consensus among the people and avoid social dissent. Today this spectacular monument hosts opera concerts and other events, and it is accessible for everyone, since it has no architectural barriers.

Our tour guide will take care of your needs, making sure all the routes you take will be accessible with your wheelchair or mobility scooter.

On request, it is possible to have an accessible transfer with a vehicle equipped with lift in Verona.

Enjoy our accessible Verona tour without any worries!

Travel safe and avoid unpleasant surprises, choose our wheelchair accessible accommodation in Italy. 

Highlights and what's included
  • Duration: Half Day
  • Places of interest: VERONA
    • Roman Amphitheater
    • Juliette’s Balcony
    • Piazza delle Erbe
  • Exclusivity: All our tours are PRIVATE, not sharing with other guests
  • Languages: All languages available on request

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