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No more cruise ships passing in Canal Grande: San Marco and Canale della Giudecca are safe.


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Do you want to enjoy Venice’s beautiful landscapes, but the big dimensions of the cruise ships may annoy you? Do not worry! You can still appreciate Venice’s amazing views!

On August 1st 2021, the big cruise ships won’t pass anymore in Canal Grande. This is a long-awaited decision by the UNESCO and by all the people who have been in Venice. They have been very upset about the passage of the “sea giants” in one of the most beautiful and fragile places of the world. It is impossible to forget the crash of a MSC opera against San Basilio, trying to dock at its harbour on the 2nd june 2019 and everyone hopes that disasters like this won’t happen again.

It has been established by the Decree-Law, since San Marco and Canale della Giudecca have been declared “national monuments”. It has been fulfilled an ideas competition to realize some new docking points for the ships, out of Venice’s lagoon. The aim of the project is to continue to carry out the cruise activities while guaranteeing the safety, the uniqueness and the excellence of the local cultural, landscape and environmental heritage.

Where you planning to come and visit accessible Venice on a big and comfortable cruise ship? Do not despair! You can still do it, even without passing for Canal Grande.

The project is valid for vessels intended for passenger transport of gross tonnage bigger than 25.000 tones, taller than 35 meters or with a Sulphur production exceeding 0.1, but also for container vessels intended for trans-oceans transports. So, the ships that don’t have these characteristics, and that can be considered sustainable, can still dock in the canal, like the cruise ships of about 200 passengers. The new route to avoid San Marco and Canale della Giudecca consists in passing for Canale dei Petroli, by entering from the mouth of the harbor of Malamocco, then proceeding for the northern canal of Marghera and dock there.

For example, Costa’s company has not ruled out Venice’s lagoon harbor: actually on his official website there still are some cruise ships available, but it is not sure that they will depart from San Basilio. In case, do not let these news scare you! The company already has a plan B: fall back on Trieste.

Tourism is very important for Italy, especially for cities like Venice: everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy its breathtaking accessible landscapes, its canals and the enchanting atmosphere that the city offers and we can not let this (absolutely correct) decision, damage tourism and tourists. There will always be new different and comfortable ways to reach the city, so do not be discouraged!

What are you waiting for? Let’s book your next accessible trip to Venice, come and find out all its treasures, enjoy the canals, let you be transported in another dimension thanks to the city’s local food, music and background. We can assure you that it will be an enchanting experience to do with your friends, your family and, of course, with the love of your life!

We are waiting for you!

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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