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Trentino: skiing for everyone.

Accessible slopes, qualified instructors, comfortable Accessible hotels, and accessible services included to accommodate people with disabilities

Trentino: skiing for everyone.

Trentino Alto Adige is an Italian region situated in the North of Italy, on the border with Austria. The region has a special statute and two autonomous provinces: Trento and Bolzano, between which there are many differences, especially in terms of language. In the province of Trento (Trentino) most of the population speaks Italian instead in the province of Bolzano (Alto Adige) most of the population speaks German, except in the cities of Bolzano, Bronzolo, Laives, Salorno e Vadena where the linguistic majority is Italian. This is a highly mountainous region, surrounded by the Alps, and for this reason, the tradition of skiing here is very strong. Many of these areas in this region are completely accessible to all. In winter, important ski accessible resorts await you, for lovers of alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing.

From various years, there have been many accessible services designed for people with disabilities and their companions: a genuine invitation to discover the snow and all the activities it allows us to do. In the Dolomites mountains area there are different accessible valleys that offer these types of services but above all, ski instructors are trained to guide people with disabilities in the discovery of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding and others. Many centers allow the rental of special equipment, including the monoski, dual ski and bass board. These are highly personalized offers with an approach based on the individual.

Thanks to two associations that take care of the disability in the Dolomites area, architectural barriers have been eliminated.

For what concerns accessible hospitality, there are accessible hotels, accessible shelters, and accessible resorts with comfortable rooms, bathrooms equipped for wheelchair users, large accessible common areas and various amenities. Many shelters are equipped with wheelchairs for those who, during the day, want to rest in the heat, listen to some music, restore the spirit.

The ski schools have specialized instructors for all forms of disabilities, they will give the possibility to everyone, beyond the psycho-physical-motor possibilities, to live the mountain and the sliding sports.

The slopes have different difficulties and routes, but all of them will make you enjoy a wonderful landscape and on the return instead ski lifts have devices, both at the entrance doors and on the access platform to the lift, which allow you to use the lifts with comfort and ease. Disabled parking spaces adjacent to the secretariat and the ski slopes; Accessible secretariat; Reserved changing room with facilities accessible to all disabilities.

To obtain a discount or free pass on ski passes or on round-trip tickets for the disabled, it is necessary to show an official document attesting to the percentage of disability, as the discounts depend on it.

Why not have a fantastic, accessible experience on the snow?

We are glad to help you on this accessible mountain vacations, contact us, and we will organize your accessible holidays in Trentino, in the best possible way without you worrying about anything. We will take care of everything!

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