Do you want to travel safely and without problems with your wheelchair? Of course you can!  With the entry into force of the recent European Directive, all Airlines must provide airport assistance services without additional charges for the passenger; therefore the wheelchair is transported free of charge as checked baggage. Although the provisions vary slightly in company, there are general indications common to most of them. Let’s see together:
– Communicate at least 48 hours before the departure of your flight that you are traveling with a wheelchair;
– Specify the type of your wheelchair;
– Specify whether the passenger is traveling alone or accompanied;
– In the case of electric wheelchairs, the type of batteries used must be also indicated;
– Normally at the time of disembarking, especially if electric, the wheelchair is sent to the baggage arrival belt and to the disabled passenger, to move from the aircraft to the baggage belt, a manual wheelchair is provided. In case the person only needs their own wheelchair, it is advisable to inform the flight attendants.
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