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At the end of the day, also coronavirus has done good deeds, hasn’t it?

Coronavirus has been the most popular topic in 2020 and it will be probably also during our entire 2021.

Everyone knows how many people’s lives it brought with it, but, at the moment, it is also important to recognize that this virus actually has improved our world.

First, pollution is at an all-time low. Due to lockdown and smart working, people do not use their vehicles frequently such as in the past. In 2020, scientists registered a dramatic air improvement in air quality, especially in some of the world’s most polluted cities. This is also due to the decrease of greenhouse gas emissions after the closure of industrial activity. So, in addition to road vehicles, the industry is one of the main causes of increased emissions in the world.

Another good point is about the decrease of noise pollution. With everyone at home, there’s less noise pollution in the world. If you listen carefully, you can now hear the chirping of birds instead of the sound of trains, buses and cart. The world seems much calmer than usual.

This effect of Coronavirus on the environment is also beneficial for humans. In fact, according to research, the combined sound of all human activities causes low-frequency noise, which is one of the causes of anxiety and stress.

The Pandemic gifted us time. Time to spend improving our skills, practicing hobbies and discovering new ones. Time to spend reflecting on ourselves, who do we want to be and what do we want to do. Moreover, now we also have time for family and our loved ones. COVID-19 gave us the possibility to distance or, conversely, to strengthen relationships between people.

Some of you could arise, saying something like: “What?! COVID-19 killed a lot of people! How do you dare to minimize all that by saying that the pandemic did good works?”

But it actually did.

Everybody already knows how much pain this virus caused. It brought people’s lives, some of our beloved’s lives, but still it is impossible to say that this situation has only negative aspects.

Let’s just remember the anger people had during the last G8. People from all over the globe wanted justice for the world, for the environment. Well, it is noticeable that those require were currently a little bit fulfilled. Our oceans are cleaner and safer for animals and the globe is thanking us.

But finally, let’s examine what we are most interested in Tourism. COVID-19 epidemic is the perfect time to devote to culture. Travels are easier now if we do not consider all the covid-procedures like tampons and so on.

But then, why are travels easier?

First, tourists have now the possibility to explore cities in complete serenity and security. Instead of lining up to visit the main attractions or sharing small spaces with other visitors eager to photograph this or that, today the most famous destinations are less crowded and much more enjoyable.

Secondly, among the positive aspects if the Covid-19 is to stress less for boarding, disembarkation and collection of luggage, all of this is now faster than usual. Although a quiet airport is somewhat unsettling, the best thing is that all procedures become fast and agile.

Finally, During this pandemic, flexible hours and work from home is now reality and this will become a trend also in 2021. One of the greatest benefits is that you can spend time with your family and work in so many new places, while travelling. So, what are you waiting for?

The suffering caused by the virus, as said, is numerous. Mainly for this reason it is important to appreciate the positive aspects in this complex situation.

However, this was just one point of view and it may not be shared by some people. If there were other opinions about Covid-19 and in particular about tourism, indeed it would be very interesting to share different ideas in order to talk about it!

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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