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The accessible trip to Italy of our Friend Bill:

Chapter 9

The amazing accessible holiday in Italy of our Friend Bill with his family.

He travel in wheelchair through Italy for 11 days.

Accessible Florence Uffizi

CHAPTER 9: Rome walking tour + cooking class

The atmosphere in Rome was different: you can really breath here history and power, the classical culture in all its majesty. Every stone, every building in Rome, every corner of the city… has a story to tell, and you can really feel it! What an amazing experience was having the chance to spend a few days in Rome!

We booked an accessible walking tour of the highlights of the city (https://www.romeanditaly.com/accessible/accessible-highlights-tour-of-rome/ ): same conditions as always so private English speaking guide at disposal and meeting point directly in the hotel lobby – a perfect service by romeanditaly group.

We’ve started our accessible tour in the chaotic Campo de’ Fiori, with its wonderful morning market. We bought the postcards here, some fresh fruits and enjoyed our time watching street artists performing and painting. Our private guide Marco gave us interesting information about the beautiful Palazzo Farnese (where Michelangelo left his signature) and then we walked to Piazza Navona, probably the most beautiful square of the city. Here fountains, buildings facades and street painters made the atmosphere really magic! We took time for a delicious cappuccino to enjoy the square-life, while taking pictures. We walked through the “Roman labyrinth” made of narrow, wonderful streets in order to get one of the most famous monuments of the world: the Pantheon. Have you ever entered a real Ancient Roman temple that has never changed since 1900 years? Of course no! But in Rome it’s reality and the experience really worth! We took our walk back to our starting point, walking through amazing squares such as Piazza di Pietra, Piazza Colonna, and we reached the most famous fountain of the world: Trevi. Here the god Neptune standing on his chariot made me feel like a small ant! And I could say Gina felt like into the movie “La Dolce Vita” ! We throughn the coins into the fountain and wished to come back in Rome, and in Italy as soon as possible! Our last stop of the accessible walking tour was the fashion district of Rome, Piazza di Spagna area, where the Spanish Steps everyday welcome thousands of Romans and tourists…. And actually they were really crowded! I’d rather to relax in the square while of course Gina and the guys went for some shopping… I couldn’t stop them!

I picked a typical Italian restaurant in the square for lunch where we had pizza… but sorry can’t remember its name!

In the afternoon, we went back to Campo de Fiori, where we had booked an accessible cooking class ( https://www.romeanditaly.com/accessible/accessible-cooking-lesson/) to learn how to prepare Italian pasta! The experience was really funny, and the kids also really appreciated it! The accessible private cooking class was led by a professional Chef, Alessandra, who welcomed us with a glass of wine to make everything easier… and we had so much fun! We prepared a full Italian menu from the very beginning: we prepared pasta dough from scratch, we learned some classic pasta cuts for example tagliolini and tagliatelle, we prepared the sauce, and the antipasto (starter). Finally, we sat down to try our specialties!

This was the final menu:
Bruschetta with tomatoes, basil and oregano

Fresh Fettuccine Pasta with Carbonara sauce

Tiramisu, coffee and limoncello

I loved our first day in Rome, and all this amazing adventures we are living here!

Stay tuned with us, next Monday the next chapter of “The accessible trip to Italy of our Friend Bill” will be released

written by #Bill

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