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The accessible trip to Italy of our Friend Bill:

Chapter 5

The amazing accessible holiday in Italy of our Friend Bill with his family.

He travel in wheelchair through Italy for 11 days.

Accessible Venice

CHAPTER 5: Venice…that’s amore (and water!)

The first day in Venice our wake-up call was at 8am in the morning…very early for a family on holidays who want to relax… but the day was going to be very hot, so we’d rather meet as earlier as possible with our guide to take advantage of fresh hours of the morning.

….and to be honest, I also really want to be the first one approaching the buffet!  I’ve found Italian food soooo delicious, that eating times have been converted in the moment of the day I await with more happiness!

We met with our guide directly into the lobby of the Hotel Bonvecchiati to enjoy an accessible walking tour of Venice, and discover the most beautiful and important locations of the city with a stroll through along the hidden streets towards Rialto bridge.

Together with Giulio – our private guide was actually really good at English and a real history expert – we discovered the history of Venice exploring the beautiful basilica in Saint Mark’s square, and heared the stories about the medieval Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs, about the Clock and Bell towers. We stroll along small “calle” – the Venetian name for streets – and crossed hundreds of bridges, until our ending destination: Rialto bridge. I understood why it is the symbol of the city (together with gondolas and the basilica) as its shape is very original and elegant. The only complain I have to do: it was overcrowded of tourists! We had to wait in line to take a picture from the extremely top of it… but the view from there is amazing and worth the wait! Is the postcard view you’re used to seeing of Venice, with the Gran Canal below your feet, and tons of gondolas sailing around!

On our way back, we stopped together with Giulio in a typical local market to buy some Italian street food for lunch, and he suggested us to try “piadina”: typical thin bread from Emilia Romagna region, stuffed with everything you like. It was good, cheap and easy to eat – three perfect conditions for the perfect street food! And of course, we also had gelato (again!). 

As we had some spare time before hour gondola ride booking at 5pm, Gina and I, we decided to have a break from the hot sun and relax in a small garden we’ve found, while Shelley and Mark decided to go by walk to one of the most beautiful libraries in the world to take some photos: libreria acqua alta. Shelly – being a teenager – is addicted to social media and always asked the poor Mark to take her some pictures! (oh well, you can find romeanditaly group on social media as well: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube where they show accessible tours & services all around Italy!)

Venice is beautiful, really original and unique…I perfectly understand why is so famous all over the world, and how important this city is: you could go everywhere in the world, but you will never find a city like Venice anywhere else!

At 5pm we took our accessible gondola ride, and everything was as expected: we sailed along the canals, admired Venice from a different point of view, take a lot of pictures, and sing together with our “gondoliere” all the most famous Italian songs!  I’ve found the accessible gondola ride a little too “touristy” but is definitely something to do when in Venice… you will never in your life find another accessible gondola to sail!

After the tour we came back to the Hotel – and during the way we bought some souvenirs (postcards for our collection, and a small gondola to give to granpas) – took a shower and relax under the A/C for a while! We asked the concierge for any dinner recommendation (as for what I saw, in Venice is difficult to find accessible restaurants) and we went to the Hotel Grand Canal which have a lovely restaurant facing the canal ( https://www.hotelmonaco.it/ristorante-grand-canal-venezia-centro/ ) and where we had a typical fish dinner with all Venetian specialties: risi and bisi (rice with peas), baccalà (cod) and sardines. Definitely to be recommended!

(you can find the accessible tour of Venice with all the highlights of the city here: https://www.romeanditaly.com/accessible/accessible-venice-highlights-doge/ )

Stay tuned with us, next Monday the next chapter of “The accessible trip to Italy of our Friend Bill” will be released

written by #Bill

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