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The accessible trip to Italy of our Friend Bill:

Chapter 3

The amazing accessible holiday in Italy of our Friend Bill with his family.

He travel in wheelchair through Italy for 11 days.

accessible tours of Como Lake

CHAPTER 3: full day tour Como lake… we bought Clooney’s house!  

The sun is shining in Milan, and we are ready for a new day! Breakfast is my favorite moment of the day, so can’t wait to go downstair and have my first real italian cappuccino!

Today will be another amazing day: our plan is to spend it along the Como Lake and take an accessibile excursion by boat – honestly I’m scared because I suffer from seasickness but Gina and the guys really cares of a day “sailing” so I hope Como being a lake the water will not be so much weavy – and I will resist!

Our dedicated driver and private guide were waiting for us in the hotel lobby after breakfast.. such a great and professional service! I really feel on holiday because I don’t have to think about anything: romeanditaly staff have perfectly plan every details of our accessibile trip!

The way to Como Lake was around 1h driving – and when we arrived I was really surprised how big the lake is! It seems like a sea…. Endless over the horizon! We took a half day guided accessible walking tour around Como, a very nice city, I’ve found it very elegant and a little poshy – beautiful high-end shops and many business persons walking around. I have to say that in Como as well, I didn’t have any problem with my wheelchair. The city seemed to me a little Milan but with water access!

Our private guide Alessandra during the accessible walking tour gave us some historical and artistical information about the city, and then we stopped for lunch in a nice & small local restaurant called L’angolo del silenzio (https://www.osterialangolodelsilenzio-como.com/) suggested by our guide and totally accessible. Alessandra suggested us to try some fish dishes typical of the area so I decided myself to try “tagliolini ai frutti di mare” – pasta with seafood – and I’ve been surprised to discover I’ve found here my new favorite pasta dish ever! So simple but so delicious! Gina and I we both agreed that was a great idea to book a cooking class during our itinerary when we’ll be in Tuscany, so we will have the chance to learn some secrets of this delicious culinary traditions! Diet has been paused becuase I want to try everything here with no limitations at all! I don’t care If I get 2/3kg… its’ like included in the itinerary in Italy, right?!? J

After lunch we departed on board of our accessibile boat to discover and admire the lake from the water side. Como lake has a unique natural landscape where the blue lake is embraced by the mountains covered by green forests, really beauitful! We took great pictures of the panoramas and the amazing villas located along the shore! We’ve also seen George Clooney’s villa, and sailed around the small Island located inside the lake. We’ve sailed along the cost in front of Bellagio village – the VIP location of the lake, Alexandra said. We’ve stopped here at 5* Hotel Villa Serbelloni for an italian Aperitivo – cocktail – with view over the lake! What can I say? The property is amazing and very well cured in every details. I would have loved to spend here at least one night… but with no kids around! J

At the end of the lake tour, we came back to Como by our accessibile private boat and then by our accessibile minivan back to Milan. It was an amazing day! The panorama was incredibly beautiful but a litte bit hot.. even if we are texans, temperature was sometime challenging (above all after lunch!) – luckily we got our hats suncreams and extra water!

Once back in Milan we took a quick shower, some rest and we went out for some shopping and dinner. Gina bought some souvenirs and some postcard sas we used to collect them (yes, we are a little vintage inside!) Alessandra told us to have dinner around 8pm to fit better the italian lifestyle, and that’s what we did! We’ve found a nice accessible place with outdoor tables (http://www.donraffaele.it/il-ristorante-don-raffaele.html) and was lovely to have dinner during sunset. I got a fresh caprese salad which was delicious, and the guys repeated with pizza again (they took really seriously the –no diet- mood!). We also delighted ourselves with a creamy tiramisu – a very tipical italian dessert.

This is our last night here in Milan, tomorrow we will be visiting the Cenacolo in the morning to see Leonardo Da vinci’s masterpiece “The last supper” and then we go to Venice – our second stop – in the afternoon. I’m really excited about!

The stop in Milan was very quick  but I feel we’ve seen everyting I had in mind!

The accessible tour we had today with Alessandra was a personalized version of this one: https://www.romeanditaly.com/accessible/como-lake-accessible-tour-from-milan/ . Actually, at romeanditaly are able to create tailor made tours to personalize your experience, so we’ve asked them to add to the walking tour of Como also the accessible boat experience, and it was great!

Stay tuned with us, next Monday the next chapter of “The accessible trip to Italy of our Friend Bill” will be released

written by #Bill

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