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The accessible exhibition Golosaria 2021 in Milan

​A new appointment with the Italian fair of flavors

The stories of many young producers with a passion for Italian taste will meet and intertwine in the accessible halls of MiCo – Milano Convention Centre from 6 to 8 November 2021 for the new edition of Golosaria festival.

The accessible exhibition Golosaria 2021 in Milan

After the success of the digital edition, Golosaria is almost ready to meet the public face to face again, with an accessible event that has been bringing together wine & food lovers and operators in the agri-food sector for sixteen years. The accessible MiCo pavilions will host a parterre of artisans of taste from all over Italy, accompanied – as always – by the best wineries of the Italian wine scene.
This year the celebration is dedicated to “Il Gusto della Colleganza” (the Taste of Fellowship): the key word of the fair (taste) together with the expression of a new ideal of alliance (fellowship) between local realities and producers, stores in large urban areas and shops in villages and countryside, all united to pursue a common project. The combination of these two terms – and the rich schedule of events within the festival – aim at launching the idea of restarting after all the difficulties of recent months.

In the accessible Golosaria’s Food Area, the theme will be interpreted by a wide variety of exhibitors’ products selected by il Golosario, a book that goes beyond the simple reference to eating and drinking, but has become a real attitude, a way of seeing and telling things, based on stories of tastings and encounters. The PetraLab stand sees flour as the protagonist in pastry, bread and pizza, and visitors will have the opportunity to engage with the Masters and learn many things about dough and leavening. But there’s more. Born from the experience of Golosaria producers and restaurateurs, a large street food will await you with high quality food throughout the duration of the event. And finally, the Show cooking. Chefs will be confronted with a variety of products, interpreting and re-elaborating them into traditional and innovative recipes.
What awaits you in the wine area instead? This section will be renewed with even greater attention and this year it will be able to count on a special focus dedicated to the 20 years of the Top Hundreds, the recognition of the best wines of Italy that brought many new and unknown producers to the Milan market, triggering a real process of distinction. This milestone will be celebrated by the debut of the book L’Emozione del Vino, signed by Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti, the heart and soul of the event. Finally, a big Golosaria tasting desk with over two hundred different brands will enable visitors to learn more about prestigious wines, under the guidance of professional journalists and sommeliers.

Feeling tempted? Come and try great food and excellent wines at Golosaria! You will have the opportunity to attend a rich calendar of meetings, debates, show-cooking and tastings, in the company of experts and lovers of good food like you. This gourmet festival of Italian cuisine will also be your chance to visit accessible Milan and many other beautiful accessible locations in Northern Italy!

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written by #stefanosghinolfi

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