Special wheelchair for unaccessible Italian sites

The special wheelchair for inaccessible Italian sites…

Enjoy the ancient sites in Italy with our special wheelchair (Wheely Trekky) for unaccessible places in Italy...

…available exclusively with romeanditaly group. Cobblestones, holes, stairs, mountain footpath with rough and rockies surfaces will not be a limit anymore, thanks to our special wheelchair (Wheely Trekky)!

Our special wheelchair is an all surfaces one-wheeled chair, that enables wheelchair user and  people with walking problems to get involved into hiking and running activities, even on the rockiest trails and roughest surfaces, so this wheelchair made accessible all sites in Italy with rough surface as Italian mountains, Vesuvio and Etna volcano or the ancient Italian archaeological site with cobblestone, usually unaccessible for the normal wheelchair.

Thanks to its unique wheel and suspensions system. With back pair of arms and a front pair of arms too enables the two drivers to handle it easy as the  weight of the passenger lies on the wheel. From leisurely or adventure walks, this wheelchair adapts to all outdoor activity and any archaeological visiting.

In order to ensure safety of our clients when using this wheelchair we rent the wheelchair with the two driver included, and they are part of our team, perfect trained to drive this kind of wheelchair. The back driver is mostly responsible for maintaining the balance of the wheelchair. He main task is to make sure that the one wheel wheelchair is always balanced out in both ways: from the back to the front and also from right to left. He constantly pays attention to the balance and immediately corrects any problems. The back driver also ensures that the passenger is comfortably seated and shows him that the wheelchair is always well balanced.

The back driver when the wheelchair going downhill, he is in charge of the breaking. The front driver is responsible for the itinerary. He observes in front of him and decides which way to go. He pays attention to all obstacles and tries to avoid them. In order to them, he keeps in mind that the wheel is more or less one meter behind him. If it not possible to bypass the obstacle, he informs the passenger and the back driver.

The front driver is the motor of the wheelchair. He is the one responsible for the traction. He keep in touch with the back driver in order to ensure security. He also anticipates possible problems which might occur and he does the best to not disturb the balance of the wheelchair.

The special wheelchair is highly recommended for outdoor activities or the following private tours in Italy provided by romeanditaly group, where path for disabled wheelchair users it’s not provided by the site itself, or doesn’t cover the entire surface. 

If you like to rent our special wheelchair (Wheely Trekky) for any other Italian location or any other archaeological site, send us a mail to info@romeanditaly.it

360° degree maneuverability around obstacles such as stones, holes, and steps, shock absorbers under the chair, a comfortable seat, and two arms in the front and in the back to support the chair when not in motion, allows Wheely Trekky riding smooth, and give visitors the chance to safely visit the country’s ancient and most precious archeological sites.

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