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Any fan of Italian opera will surely know of Luciano Pavarotti, the great lyrical singer from Modena. It’s exactly in Modena that Pavarotti’s home is located at. This is where the singer grew up and lived for all of his life and where he died the 6th of September of 2007. Despite his death, he left us with unforgettable performances such as his last performance at the Winter Olympic Games in 2006 of “Nessun Dorma”. Not only was he one of the greatest tenor in the whole world but he also achieved stardom status thanks to his more commercial musical pieces. He was an eclectic artist and a beloved person, remembered by many as a kind individual. His home is a reflection of his life and his personality; There we will able to experience his journey and take a look at his inspirations. This accessible exhibition took form thanks to the contribution of the Luciano Pavarotti’s Foundation and it is open everyday. The ticket includes audio guide in different languages and it is also available a free app called Pavarotti, which contains the itinerary of the guided visit to the house. The museum is equipped with platforms and elevators so it is possible to reach any and every floor, there are also parking spots located at the entrance of the museum. If you want to visit the museum and you’re looking for private services, such as private tours and transfers, contact us at: info@romeanditaly.it

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