Other Accessible Destination

Discover new Accessible destinations in addition to the most popular cities of Italy ...

Everyone knows, Italy is the homeland of good food, culture and history.  There are many monuments, museums, squares, alleys, rivers, mountains to visit. Rome and Italy Group wants to make your Italian journey perfect! We will provide you beautiful suited accommodations, all the transfers you need, different kinds of services and unforgettable experiences.

Alone, with your partner, whit your family or in group, we will take care of you! We organize a wide variety of tours all over Italy as in Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Bologna and Pisa and in their surrounding areas. Moreover, in addition to the most popular cities and regions of Italy, we want to propose you other destinations to complete your journey or to discover something you.

We propose you destinations as Matera, where many films have been shot. For example “No time to die”, the 25th episode of the James Bond’s official saga. And also “The passion of the Christ”, written and directed by Mel Gibson. You will be enchanted by its breathtaking rocky landscape and for its resemblance to Bethlehem.

Padua, where you will be able to see Piazza dei Signori, Bo Palace, Duomo Square, Padua Cathedral, Basilica of St Anthony of Padua and Santa Sofia Church and the city of lovers.

Verona, where the plot of Romeo and Juliette took place. You will be able to relive their love story through Juliette’s balcony. And then you will be able to visit the Arena and the Roman Amphitheater.

For all sea lovers, you cannot miss Cagliari (the city of the sun), in Sardinia. There, with our tour, you will be able to visit its main monuments as the Cathedral. Afterwards experience fresh and natural flavors of the territory, tasting in a typical farm some Sardinian’s products. Like cheese, cold cuts and olive oil served with the best wines of the region. Finally see the particular Nuraghe, placed between the city and the sea.

Furthermore, we offer you incredible experience to try throughout Italy, as Grappa tasting, Harvest tour and beautiful wellness centers.