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ITA: the new Italian airline

Alitalia giving way to ITA: the new Italian Airline


Alitalia giving way to ITA: the new Italian Airline

Have you already planned your accessible trip to Italy and booked the tickets with Alitalia airline but, unfortunately, you have to cancel them? Don’t worry! The cancellation of your reservation is obtainable on Alitalia’s official website for all the flights with journey’s date no later than the 14th of October 2021, for/from any destination.

Alitalia also gives you the opportunity to rebook or recreate your reservation, for example you can change the itinerary of your journey or come back to the starting point (but remember that only one change is applicable!). This is valid for flights no later than the 14th of October, which is the last return date.

You also have the possibility to change your destination, but, as for the recreation of the reservation, you can do it no later than the last return date.

In addition, if you can’t or don’t want to recreate your journey, Alitalia offers to its customers the chance of a FULL REFUND, of the same value of the ticket or of its residual value, only for not already carried out journeys.

So, if you want to come and visit us, you can easily cancel your reservation, have a refund, and then you can book some new tickets at any travel agency, at the airport’s ticket office or on the new Italian airline website: Itaspa.com. This is a temporary website, waiting for the official one after taking the first real steps, but tickets are already available (their purchase is managed for the moment by Italia Trasporto Aereo), for flights starting on the 15th of October 2021.

Let’s know something more about this new airline.

Ita’s society is active since November 2020 and its aim is to create a very strong and innovative airline, in order to guarantee a significant connection between Italy and other international destinations. Moreover, it has a very important environmental-friendly plan, by introducing a fleet and an online client service that will help to reduce the environmental impact.

Due to the Covid-19 sanitary emergency, the company has increased its sanitation, the air on board will be renewed every 3 minutes and the contact between passengers and the staff will be reduced, in order to guarantee everyone’s safety. You will have to wear a face mask during all the journey, and you should change it every 4 hours. Remember that you have to be in possession of the green pass to access to Ita’s flights.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop being glassy-eyed and take action! Discover all the travel ideas that Ita offers and book your next accessible trip to the most beautiful cities in Italy! You can easily reach Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Naples, Catania and a lot of other places of interest! Enjoy your journey, keep connected also during the flight thanks to Ita’s  Wi-Fi, let yourself be captured by a large selection of Italian and foreigner films, have a look to the latest news, the great success and even more!

We hope to see you soon in Italy!

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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