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From 2021 the Vasari Corridor, those 760 meters “suspended” that connect Palazzo Pitti to the Uffizi and then to Palazzo Vecchio will be open to the public. Every year 500,000 tourists will have the chance to visit what is considered the most beautiful corridor in the world. The works already financed by the ministry (also with European funds) will be used to offer complete accessibility to the disabled, an air conditioning system, five emergency exits, low energy consumption led lighting and a video surveillance system. Structural consolidation and interior restoration interventions are also planned: from the plaster to the floor. To allow tourists to fully enjoy the Prince’s panoramic walk, the project involves the reopening of all 73 windows of the Corridor. However, this operation involves moving the collection of over 300 paintings, especially portraits and self-portraits. In fact, some windows had been darkened to preserve the canvases hanging on the walls of Vasari. Walking along the Corridor will therefore no longer be a walk through famous faces of Florence and beyond, but rather a path with a privileged view of the Renaissance city. If you want to visit Vasari Corridor and you’re looking for private services, such as private transfer and private tour contact us at: info@romeanditaly.it

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