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A revolutionary vehicle, straight out from Czech Republic: set for every kind of wheelchair, Its driving system allows the driver to use only his hands to accelerate and brake.

The Elbee microcar is made by czech manufacturer Elbee Mobility and it does not require anyone else apart from the driver itself to get into it. The frontal hatch of the vehicle is opened by a remote control and the driver can attach the apposite cable to his wheelchair to get in in complete autonomy up Elbee’s incorporated ramp. The microcar can reach a max speed of 80 km/h, its petrol engine has a maximum power of 12kW with an average consumption of 4,5l/100km. It is 2,80m long, 1,33 wide and 1,73 high, 400 kgs heavy. It is fully customizable and it is provided with a large variety of commodities ranging from onboard lighter to automatic transmission. Suitable also for people with reduced mobility in the superior limbs, but the manufacturer can also provide other solutions for specific necessities. Whatever are your plans about going on a trip or just to the supermarket, Elbee is now a name to look up for a suitable, wheelchair-friendly and independent mobility option. If you want to visit Italy and you’re looking to rent equipment, such as wheelchairs and electric beds, contact us at: info@romeanditaly.it 


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