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The interesting news about Coronavirus for the ones who wants to travel

Great news about Coronavirus for the world of tourism: EMA will sell the vaccine. The first step to restart travel industry, and travelling itself, around the world without worries comes from The European agency of Pharmacy (EMA). An important and recognized scientific institution rated in the world of medicine. To know better this company have a look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Medicines_Agency

EMA has received the official request from the two pharmaceutical companies Pfzier and BioNTech to have the authorization to sell the vaccine against Coronavirus. You can read the full article and the last updates directly from EMA website: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/human-regulatory/overview/public-health-threats/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/covid-19-latest-updates

The answer of EMA will arrive in a few weeks, not later then January 12th

If the rating of efficacy of the vaccine will be positive, the two pharmaceutical companies will start to sell the sighed vaccine and finally the era of coronavirus will come to an end! That means we will be finally able to come to our lives, the reopening of the borders for travelers and tourists, avoiding the long quarantine due now. Quarantine is now mandatory when you land in the country, and when you come back to your country… so it’s very difficult, almost impossible to plan a holiday in this moment and under this conditions!

This good new has come just a few days later the announce made from Alitalia and Delta Airline regarding the flight between Rome and New York and the possibility offered about a quick test into airports directly. The light at the end of this dark tunnel called coronavirus is finally there!

After this announce from EMA we can start believing everything will be over soon!

Rome and Italy company as all the people of the world hope that the situation will come back to normality as soon as possible, and we will be all able to come back living and enjoying our lives with no worries! No miss travelling, we miss hugging our friends!!

written by #virginiaviviani

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