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In Rome, this year, until 15th march 2020, in Palazzo Braschi, there’s gonna be an exhibition of the famous artist Canova. The exhibition pays homage to the city of Rome for providing a breeding ground of creativity to the artist since the time he moved there in 1779. Suggestive lights disposition will take the audience back into the atelier situated in “Via delle colonnette” of Canova himself, where he used to show his work at night, using only the light of a torch. The exhibition presents to us the beautiful work of the late master, but it also showcase a cutting-edge technology, like the statue replicated in 270 hours by 3D technology. The piece is going to showcase “Cupid and Psyche”, alongside it a documentary about the creation of the piece. If you want to visit the exhibition and you’re looking for an alternative activity with private services, such as private tours and transfers, contact us at: info@romeanditaly.it 

Canova. Eternal Beauty
Museo di Roma at Palazzo Braschi
Piazza Navona, 2; Piazza San Pantaleo, 10
00186 Rome

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