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Borromini the architect – accessible tour – Rome

See Francesco Borromini’s best work in Rome.

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The Borromini accessible tour will take you to see the most beautiful baroque buildings in Rome.

With the Borromini accessible tour you will visit the masterpieces of “Francesco Borromini”, the great Italian architect of the baroque period. The Borromini accessible tour will take you to see the accessible church “San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane”, the accessible palace “Palazzo Spada”, the accessible church “Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza”, and the accessible church “Sant’Agnese in Agone”. Come see the work of one of the best architects who worked in Rome during the seventeenth century....

The Borromini accessible tour will take you to visit the accessiblePalazzo Spada”, where you will really get a sense of Bernini’s skill with perspective tricks. On the outside of the palace, you can see some beautiful decorations made with stucco, including some statues placed in alcoves. The main attraction of “Palazzo Spada”, however, is the corridor that leads to the courtyard. The pavement is slightly tilted upwards, while the columns that hold the ceiling become smaller and smaller, making this 26 ft long corridor look 121 ft long! The height of the statue at the end of the corridor is also an illusion. It appears life-size when you look at it from afar, but you will be surprised to see how tall it actually is!

The accessible church of “Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza” was a real challenge for Borromini. The courtyard and the palace that were already there left him very little space to work with. Borromini however rose to the occasion, creating what is now considered one of the greatest masterpieces of architecture. The design of the “rotunda”, the most famous characteristic of this church, is made by crossing two triangles together and then adding circles to soften their sharp edges. Borromini also paid attention to the symbolism of the shapes he was using. The circle symbolizes God’s perfection, and the triangle symbolizes the trinity. The many hexagons present in the design of the church are also a clever homage to his patrons, the Barberini family, whose symbol is the bee.

The accessible “The Basilica of San John in Lateran” with the twelve enormous niches that Francesco Borromini created in the columns of the central nave contain majestic marble statues of Apostles and Evangelists.

The accessible “Church of S. Giovanni  dei Fiorentini”: the presbytery, designed by Pietro da Cortona in 1634 but built over 20 years later by Francesco Borromini, presents the wonderful marble group depicting the “Baptism of Jesus Christ”. The Basilica houses the tomb of Francesco Borromini, buried together with his uncle Carlo Maderno.

Francesco Borromini” created some of the most beautiful churches in Rome, using perspective and geometry to create unique designs. During the Borromini accessible tour you will learn all about the technique of this genius of baroque architecture.

Highlights and what's included
  • Duration: Half Day
  • Places of interest: ROME
  1. Church of “Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza
  2. Palazzo Spada
  3. Basilica of San Giovanni in Laternano
  4. Church of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini
  • Private local guide
  • Exclusivity: All our tours are PRIVATE
  • Languages: All languages available on request

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