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Art is for ALL, unfortunately for who lives a disability, Art is much more precious.

Art is a way to escape from the reality, is a moment where you don’t think at the difficulty you have to live in your life, even if you are an artist or you are a viewer!

The body is not important in that moment, if you are a viewer and take a visit of a museum, in front of a masterpiece as the Moses of Michelangelo in Italy (here you have a Wikipedia description of the sculpture https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moses_(Michelangelo)  ) the important for you is the feeling you have in that moment, is what your brain transmits to you.

Even if your body do not respond perfectly at your control, you can be an artist, as a painter, a writer or you can have many and many others artistic talents.

For example how do not mention Sue Felicity Austin, she is an English disabled artist famous for her artistic performance in scuba diving with her wheelchair. (if you want know more about her, here the Wikipedia link with more information  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sue_Austin) Look this amazing video whit one of her performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IIBTTXEt7M&ab_channel=NormanLomax  this is only one example of how the disability sometime can be overcome!

Off course different is, if you want be a disabled tourist and decide to visit a museum, wherever you are, in any city of the world, you have to relate with architectural barriers, in some city less and in some city more! but if you plan your museum visit, with a Local expert specialized in disabled tourism, you can enjoy your visit with no bad surprises! So even in this case, the Barriers are overcome and you can start to travel with your fantasy and have a feeling with art, that for a moment, bring you away from any problems of the life!

To find the strong for reaction, there are many way, you can dive in adventure that at the rest of the world would never come in mind, The German dancer Dergin Tokmak born in 1973,after poliomyelitis he lose completely the use of right leg and a part of the use of left leg. He start to dance at 12 years old and now is famous for dancing with his crutches, he is a performer of cirque du soleil (look here an unbelievable video of his performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k60Z04VUw-M&ab_channel=stixsteps ).

The conclusion is that for me ,Art in every way you look at, should be a real strong way to bring you out for a moment to the problem of the life, and give us a moment of real lightheartedness. I hope you all folks are agree with me, and if no,I hope to stop a little bit to think about it.

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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