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American citizens can finally visit Italy as tourists!

After banning non-essential travel to Italy for more than a year, the European Union is going to allow travel to Italy to American tourists who have been fully vaccinated.

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This news comes from Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission. In an interview with the New York Times Ms. von der Leyen said that since the vaccines used in the vaccination campaign in the United States, namely Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer/BioNTech are approved by the European Union, they are valid to travel in Europe in complete safety. The vaccination campaign in the United States is running on schedule, and it is believed that by summer of 2021 at least 70% of the population will be fully vaccinated, creating what is called a herd-immunity. This is the reason why all 27 states members of the European Union, including Italy, have confirmed that they will be ready to receive tourists from the United States starting this summer.

The tourists who wish to visit Europe will have to provide a certificate that proves that they have been fully vaccinated. This means that you will have to have had all the shots that are necessary for the vaccine to fully take effect. The number of shots may vary depending on which of the three vaccines used in the United States you have been given or are planning to get.

The use of vaccine certificates will be essential to travel in the near future. Citizens of the European Union are already beginning to use “digital green certificates”, which ensure that the person has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, has recovered from the disease in recent months, or has tested negative for the coronavirus recently. The details are still being decided among the member states of the EU, but the vaccine certificate that people from the United States will be provided with should allow travel to Italy without further restrictions, like quarantine periods of Covid-19 testing.

The tourism industry is one of the most important ones in Italy, as it provides jobs to many people. We are looking forward to showing you all the art, culture, and natural beauty that this country has to offer!

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All fully vaccinated tourists from the United States are welcome to visit Italy this summer. Come visit Italy with us in complete safety and comfort!

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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