Accessible Venice Islands Tour

Accessible Venice Islands: Murano and Burano in one day

Highlights and what’s included




  • Private Transfer with accessible vehicle equipped with platform
  • Rental equipment
  • Assistant for disabled
Half Day
Places of interest



  • Murano
  • Burano
  • Torcello

Closed on the first and last Monday of each month, New Year’s Day, May 1st and Christmas Day. All our tours are PRIVATE, not sharing with other guests. The tour includes a private english speaking guide at disposal. No entrance tickets are included in this tour options. The tour includes private english speaking guide and entrance tickets. Combine this tour with a visit at the Palatine Gallery to complete your experience at Pitti Palace.


English, Spanish, German, French, Italian

  • Historical interest 90% 90%
  • Fun 100% 100%
  • Activity Level 100% 100%

Accessible Venice Islands tour: discover ancient churches, glazers, and fishers’ villages in the lagoon

Accessible Venice Islands tour will guide you in the discovery of the most authentic side of Venice: its precious islands.

Murano and Burano are two of the most famous islands into Venice’s lagoon, you can now discover them by our Accessible Venice Islands tour.

Burano, unlike Torcello, hosts about 3000 people. It is mostly known for its handmade lace and biscuits, called bussolai, but also for the lively colorful houses that residents said they painted with different colors, to make them recognizable to the fishermen who came back home when it was foggy.

Murano is known worldwide, thanks to the production of artistic glass blowing. Initially, the production took place in Venice, but at the time, the buildings were made of wood, and often the fire of the kilns accidentally caused numerous fires. This way, the republic had to move the seat of the furnaces to this island, in which stands the Church of Santa Maria and Donato, known for its paintings by Bellini and Veronese. In addition, on the island you can visit the Glass Museum, which contains a large collection of very old glass.

On request, , it is possible to have an accessible boat equipped with lift.

Accessible Venice Islands tour is suitable for wheelchair users.

Travel safe and avoid unpleasant surprises, choose our wheelchair accessible accommodation in Italy. Enjoy Accessible Venice Islands tour!

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