Accessible Venice Highlights tour and Doge Palace visit


Accessible Venice Highlights Doge. Discover the Palace of the dukes that ruled Venice creating the most magical city of the world


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  • Private Transfer with accessible vehicle equipped with platform
  • Rental equipment
  • Assistant for disabled

Half Day

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  • Canals & Calle
  • Doge Palace from inside
  • St. Mark’s Square


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Accessible Venice Highlights tour and Doge Palace visit


Discover Accessible Venice Highlights tour and Doge Palace!

Palazzo Ducale, a 14th century masterpiece of Gothic architecture, is a majestic structure of constructive and ornamental elements. 

The palace consists of three main parts, that incorporate previous constructions: the wing to the St. Mark’s Basin, the oldest, which contains the Hall of Great Council, the wing towards the Square, formerly Justice Palace, the Hall of Poll, and the Renaissance wing with the residence of the doge and many government offices. You will discover all of them by our Accessible Venice Highlights Doge

The courtyard leads to the four wings. The first floor, called the Loggia, is connected with the three wings of the palace, from which is possible to admire breath-taking views over the courtyard and the Piazzetta San Marco. Furthermore, this floor houses the Office for the Environmental and Architectural Heritage of Venice and some offices of the Directorate of Museums in Venice.

The apartments of the Doge were the political and administrative seat of the Republic. The whole pattern of the halls always represented celebration of the virtues of the State.

In the second half of the 16th century, they constructed a new building for prisoners. The construction of this new prison, with large cells, was made in order to improve the prisoners’ living conditions.

Continuing on the two floors below, you will visit the courtyard of the prisons and path that hosts the ceramics collections that come from the archaeological excavations carried out in the area.

The route is connected to the famous bridge of Sighs, built to put together the Doge’s Palace and the new prison building. The bridge is closed and covered and consists of two corridors, separated by a wall. One connects the prisons to the Halls of the Magistrate and the Supreme Court of the Quarantia. The other links the prisons to the halls of Avogaria and the parlour, both connected to the staircase that rises from the wells until you reach the Hall of the Leads. The famous nickname “of the Sighs” is from the romantic age. It refers to the sighs that the prisoner would emit leaving the court of the Palace crossing the bridge, before reaching their cells. From the bridge they could glimpse, through small windows, their lost freedom.

The last part of the Accessible Venice Highlights Doge visit is dedicated to the Halls of the Armoury, now home to a valuable museum with weapons and ammunition.

The Accessible Venice Highlights tour and Doge Palce visit is suitable for wheelchair users.

Travel safe and avoid unpleasant surprises, choose our wheelchair accessible accommodation in Italy. Enjoy this Accessible Venice Highlights tour and Doge Palace visit!



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