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Lucca, the renowned city located in Tuscany, has become now accessible for everybody. Why should one decide to visit Lucca? It is famous for its artistic and historical importance. The old town and the renowned city walls from the distant 1500 attract every year thousands of tourists from all over the world. The notorious city walls are the true symbol of the city and a noted place for long walks, running session through history and nature, but also the possibility to enjoy fresh air for people with reduced mobility. The old town is remarkable for its tight street, medieval building and characteristic squares. The heart of the city is “Napoleon Square” with the Ducal Palace, the “Giglio” Theatre and the Art Institute. The square is an honoured place for open-air festivals, which animates the city centre every year. Therefore, Lucca looks like an ancient city for its history and culture, but lives like a centre of cultural innovation and communication. The foundation “Bank del Monte di Lucca” has successfully made a local project aimed at turning Lucca into an accessible city: it consists in improving the lives of all citizens and make these cities an example of respect and care of the minorities. What are you waiting for? contact us at: info@romeanditaly.it and book our tour!


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