Accessible Sicily Tours

It is the biggest Italian region, the biggest island of the Mediterranean and there is the highest active volcano of Europe. ...

They are not the only qualities that define the marvelous Sicily and Rome and Italy Group wants you to know the best of this island.

You can visit the splendid Catania, the second biggest city of the region. In there, there is the marvelous Piazza Duomo, completely accessible thanks to horizontal paths and ramps. You will admire the celebrated ‘Liotru’ statue (symbol of Catania) and the Cathedral of Saint Agatha where there is an accessible side entrance. In addition, you can go to the Monastery of San Nicolò l’Arena, an UNESCO World Heritage Site accessible due to horizontal and vertical paths. You can also explore Bellini Garden, a beautiful green area whose side ramps make it totally accessible.

As well, if you want to see the legacies of the ancient Greek past, visit the stunning Valley of Temples, the most famous archeological site of the island. You will admire the eight temples that constitute this outstanding place (just remember the well-known Temple of Concordia). The rent of our special wheel chair, the ‘Wheely Trekky’ (made specifically for archaeological sites), guarantees complete accessibility.

However, there are other pearls you can admire in your Sicilian adventure. The marvelous Palermo, main city of the region, where some of the most famous monuments are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Arabian-Norman Palermo’, like its majestic Cathedral and the celebrated Palatine Chapel that are completely accessible.

Moreover, you can taste some of the most authentic sicilian products: the famous arancino and cannolo, pasta ‘alla norma’ (made with tomato sauce, basil, fried eggplant and ‘Ricotta Salata’, a typical tasty cheese), the ‘cassata’ (typical dessert with sugared ricotta and candied fruit) and many other desserts made with pistachio and paste of almond (just think about marzipan).

So don’t miss this unique opportunity and come with Rome and Italy Group to discover the ‘Trinacria’! (Historical name of this island).