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Hidden Treasures – Accessible tour – Rome

Discover the most beautiful accessible hidden spots in Rome.

  • Historical interest 100% 100%
  • Fun 90% 90%

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The Hidden Treasures accessible tour will let you visit beautiful and unconventional accessible places in Rome.

With the Hidden Treasures accessible tour you will see Rome like you have never seen it before. The lesser-known tourist destinations included in the Hidden Treasures accessible tour will show you the hidden beauty of the city of Rome. Visit the “Aventine Hill”, the “Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta”, and two beautiful accessible churches. The Hidden Treasures accessible tour is perfect for people who want an unconventional experience in one of the most visited cities in the world....

One of the destinations of the Hidden Treasures accessible tour is the “Aventine Hill”, where you will have an incredible view of the city of Rome. The “Aventine Hill” is one of the historic “Seven Hills” on which Rome was founded. This ancient hill is the perfect spot to get a complete view of Rome! On top of the “Aventine Hill” you will visit the “Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta”, the square of the knights of Malta. This square surrounded by cypresses is famous for a beautiful view of the dome of “Saint Peter’s Basilica”. If you look through the keyhole of the door that leads to the “Great Priory of the Order”, you will see “Saint Peter’s Basilica” between the cypresses. The square is dedicated to the “Sovereign Military Order of Malta”, a religious order dedicated to taking care of people in need which was founded in the eleventh century.

In the accessibleBasilica of the Saints Cosma and Damiano” you will see beautiful frescoes, paintings, and mosaics that shine like gold. The Basilica is dedicated to two martyrs, Cosma and Damiano, who were killed in the fourth century for refusing to pray to pagan gods. During the Middle Ages this Basilica was one of the main support centers for the poor and for pilgrims. Now with the Hidden Treasures accessible tour you will see the beautiful mosaic behind the Basilica’s altar, which depicts many religious figures and lambs surrounded by a myriad of small golden mosaic tiles.

The Hidden Treasures accessible tour will also take you to see the accessibleBasilica of Saint Clement”. The “Basilica of Saint Clement” is dedicated to “Pope Clement I”, who lived during the first century AD. What makes this basilica special is the fact that it is a complex of buildings that are stacked on top of each other through three floors. The lower floors were built at the age of the Roman Empire, but only the first floor of the “Basilica of Saint Clement” is accessible. The Hidden Treasures accessible tour will allow you to see a beautiful and unique mosaic. A fresco shows the “apostles” standing in a row, above them there are some lambs, and on top you can see the great mosaic. Many golden tiles surround Jesus on the cross, with “the Virgin Mary” and “John the Apostle” standing beside him. Green vines come out from the base of the cross, reaching many human and animal figures in the mosaic. This represents how Jesus’s sacrifice brought new life to the world. On the floor you will also see beautiful geometrical patterns made of colored marble.  The “Basilica of San Clement” has beautiful frescoes and statues as well, and it is a truly hidden gem you should make sure not to miss.

The Hidden Treasure accessible tour will show you hidden gems of Ancient Rome and the most beautiful hidden churches in the city.

Highlights and what's included
  • Duration: Half Day
  • Places of interest: ROME – Aventine Hill, “Basilica of the Saints Cosma and Damiano”, “Basilica of Saint Clement”
  • Exclusivity: All our tours are PRIVATE, not sharing with other guests
  • Languages: All languages available on request

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