Accessible Rome – Colosseum and Imperial Rome Tour

Discover the Imperial Rome among the gladiator’s arena and politicals palaces

Highlights and what’s included




  • Private Transfer with accessible vehicle equipped with platform
  • Rental equipment
  • Assistant for disabled
Half Day
Places of interest



  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum

All our tours are PRIVATE, not sharing with other guests.


English, Spanish, German, French, Italian

  • Historical interest 100% 100%
  • Fun 90% 90%
  • Activity Level 80% 80%

Gladiators and Emperors

The accessible tour into ancient times dedicated to wheelchair users begins into the largest amphitheater in the ancient world, the Colosseum.

During the visit, you will admire the place where gladiators and fierce animals challenged each other unto death for the pleasure of the Emperors and the cheering audiences.

Moreover, thanks to our special equipment and the assistance of our trained staff, you will visit the center and heart of Ancient Rome, the Forum and the Senate House, where the destiny of Rome and most of the Western world was decided. Then you will reach the Arch of Titus, which commemorates the Emperor’s victory over Jerusalem in 72 A.D and finally you will admire the Arch of Constantine, commemorating the conversion of pagan Rome to Christianity.

Furthermore, thanks to our Special wheelchair “the wheelytrekky”, now you are able to visit the site of Imperial Palaces, inaccessible area using normal wheelchairs, situated on the top of the Palatine Hill, one of the historical seven hills, where Romulus founded the ancient city of Rome.

Please note for this tour the wheelchair user have to rent our special wheelchair for inaccessible sites Wheely trekky. The site is not accessible with manual or electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. Click here to see

Travel safe and avoid unpleasant surprises, choose our wheelchair accessible accommodation in Italy.

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