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They are used to sing “That’s Amore” as they navigate the picturesque canals of Venice, and now veteran gondoliers Enrico Greifenberg and Alessandro Dalla Pietà are showing that love to the wheelchair community. The two are the founders of the public-private campaign “Gondolas4all”. Garnering support from the Tourism Department of Veneto Region and many other contributors, the two ferrymen raised enough money for an accessible infrastructure, consisting in a special jetty with an automatic lift which allows disabled users to comfortably embark and disembark the boat without exiting his or her wheelchair. Sixty wheelchair users have used the Gondolas4all service so far, and word is now spreading. One of the world’s most beautiful cities has opened up a little more. If you want to visit Venice and you’re looking for private services, such as private tours and private transfers, contact us at: info@romeanditaly.it


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