Accessible Food and wine tasting in italy


Thanks to our accessible food and wine tour, taste italian food and discover local differences.

Highlights and what’s included




  • Private Transfer with accessible vehicle equipped with platform
  • Rental equipment
  • Assistant for disabled
Half Day
Places of interest


  • Local Market & Shops
    Food & Wine Tastings

All our tours are PRIVATE, not sharing with other guests. 

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian

  • Historical interest 100% 100%
  • Fun 90% 90%
  • Activity Level 80% 80%

Accessible Food and wine tasting: any town a recipe

Accessible Food and wine tasting in Italy: enjoy our accessible street food tour, through the main attractions in each Italian cities, and let mouthwatering treats guide you through the discovery of the best places to eat and shop in town!

After our accessible food and wine tasting tour you will leave with a full stomach, thanks to the best Italian food, local knowledge and sightseeing tips, to enhance the pleasure of a trip that you will remember for a lifetime!

The accessible foor and wine tasting tour includes: Pizzacold cuts with wine tastinggelato and espresso italian coffee.

You will have the chance to taste Italy’s real flavours, discover ancient culinary traditions, and surprise your taste buds with delicious and typical specialties. Additionally you will visit an accessible local market which will surprise you with a variety of colors, perfumes and real Italian everyday life scenes!

Enjoy our accessible food and wine tasting tour without any worries!

Travel safe and avoid unpleasant surprises, choose our wheelchair accessible accommodation in Italy.

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