Accessible esoteric Tour in Rome

Discover Rome from a completely different point of view

Highlights and what’s included




  • Private Transfer with accessible vehicle equipped with platform
  • Rental equipment
  • Assistant for disabled
Half Day
Places of interest


  • Alchemical door
  • Knights of Malta Square
  • Navona Square and the symbolism of the Fountain of the Four Rivers
  • Minerva Square
  • Church of the Sacred Heart of the Suffrage

All our tours are PRIVATE, not sharing with other guests.

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian
  • Historical interest 100% 100%
  • Fun 90% 90%
  • Activity Level 80% 80%

An unusual accessible tour, to discover Rome from a completely different point of view. Those who expect to find only ministries and offices, museums and churches are making a big mistake.

Rome is also a magic, surrounded by an extremely ancient tradition. This is a tour for wheelchair users, which mixes up fantasy and reality. Rome will be the protagonist of it, since on some of its most common monuments, churches, paintings and sculptures, you can find hidden signs and codes.

Those codes are only decipherable by a group of chosen ones, composed of some of the most famous representative artists who worked in Rome, one on all is Gian Lorenzo Bernini, who turned Rome into the capital of alchemist wisdom.

An alternative path that leads you to the discovery of “magical” places in Rome, where you will be able to find out more about the secrets regarding alchemy, astrology and Kabbalah. These places reveal the unknown and esoteric side of Rome. Specific itineraries will guide through the mysterious part of the city, that has always been there from ancient Rome, to the present day.

Travel safe and avoid unpleasant surprises, choose our wheelchair accessible accommodation in Italy.

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