Accessible Como Lake Tours

Just a short distance from Milan, Como Lake is famous all around the world as a VIP destination. Breathtaking...

Breathtaking landscapes will fascinate you: blue lake, green vegetation, gardens, inlets, valleys, prestigious villas and medieval villages. Como’s heart is the Cathedral of Como.

Our accessible tour of Como includes the visit of Cavour Square, Volta Square, Vitani Street and the visit of the cathedral from outside and inside. Furthermore, with our accessible vehicle equipped with platform you will visit the medieval walls around.

Our accessible tour continues with the visit of Bellagio, that you will reach by our accessible vehicle equipped with platform and that is about 1 hour far from Como. The guide will show you the typical village and S. Giacomo Church.

Finally, you can’t miss Como’s cuisine: a blend of lake and mountains. Try the unmissable yellow Polenta, local fish (as bleak, white fish and salmon trout) and cheese (Semuda and Zincarlin).

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