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Accessible tours of Chianti

Accessible tours of Chianti: the area of Tuscany famous for the best red wine of ItaIy, small villages and amazing landscapes...

Accessible tours of Chianti for wheelchair users and disabled travelers. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere and the beautiful landscape of the Chianti region. Green hills, vineyards and olive groves, small villages surrounded by high medieval walls, tight streets, castles and fortresses, and of course the famous red wines: this is a short description of Chianti region. The viability in the Chianti region is excellent today and the roads do not invite you to speed but to enjoy the landscapes in a succession of ups and downs. Thanks to our accessible van equipped with platform or ramp we will pick up you up and guide you through the wonders of a land that is home of the vineyards from which comes the worldwide known Chianti red wine.

Perhaps not everyone knows that one of the first protagonists of the cinema to mention Chianti was … James Bond! In the movie “From Russia with Love” (1963) a spy pretends to be an English gentleman ordering a glass of Chianti together with a fish dish. Bond (played by Sean Connery) draws the gun and threatens the man, explaining that no gentleman would ever order a Chianti with fish!

The accessible tours of romeanditaly group will stop in some panoramic points, of course studied to be accessible for wheelchair users, from where it will be possible to take pictures that will remain indelible and unique images in your memories!

In the history of the Chianti region there is a legend which tells how “Siena” and “Florence” competed for the dominance of the region so, to solve the question regarding the borders of the region, was declared a speed race between two knights: one had to start from Florence and the other from Siena, then the meeting place would become the border of both cities. It was a speed race so the first one who woke up at the rooster’s crow would have the advantage over the other. The Florentine in order to win the race and win most of the territory, fasted the rooster, which, exhausted by hunger, sang first, waking the knight before time. He left first, meeting the adversary in the territory of Castellina and there the border was established, later called Croce Fiorentina, near Siena. From here the famous symbol of the Black Rooster of the Chianti.

In the accessible tours of romeanditaly group it includes the  accessible castle located between Florence and Siena, in the area of Greve in Chianti and there you’ll have an accessible wine tasting with the visti of vineyard and cellar with an explanation by the expert sommelier accompanied by local foods.

Thanks to our special wheelchair, romeanditaly group made accessible all sites all around Italy, where usually are inaccessible for normal wheelchair. This special wheelchair is available exclusively with romeanditaly group. For more information about our special wheelchair https://www.romeanditaly.com/accessible/special-wheelchair/

From the port of Livorno romeanditaly group organize for all cruise line passengers accessible day tours of the Chianti region. ( For more information about our accessible shore excursion from all Italian ports https://www.romeanditaly.com/accessible/accessible-shore-excursions/ )

During our accessible tours, in case a stop is necessary during the visit, accessible toilets for disabled will be indicated by our tour guide.

In order to provide you the accessible tour that best suits your needs, please fill up our disability questionnaire, to permit us having all information about your disability, necessary for us to help you in the best way possible. You can find the disability questionnaire here.

An emergency phone number is at disposal for you and is working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

romeanditaly group provides accessible services in Italy dedicated to persons with disabilities, wheelchair users or with any walking problem. 

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Let you suggest and guide by our Team of expert in accessibility to choose the best accessible Holiday in Italy! What are you waiting for?

Italy is accessible and has no limits if you travel with us!

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