Accessible hotel accommodations in Italy


For every hotel we provide detailed accessibility description of facilities, rooms and restrooms. Our staff have ascertained the accessibility of every hotel and you can see the pictures showing it.

You can download here our questionnaire form where you will fill in all the information about your disability, in order to suggest you the accessible accommodation that best suits your needs. All hotels have a code that you can tell us if you have a preference.

Finally, you can consult for each hotel the accessibility level, where more wheelchairs are present more accessible is the hotel.

Our Hotel Accessibility level considers many important features in an accessible hotel:

  • size of the hotel entrance, with or without architectonical barriers
  • accessibility of public areas of the hotel (and possible steps or barriers, such as any electrical or manual ramp available)
  • size of the lift and corridors of the property, and any presence of carpet
  • size of the entrance door of the room, the bathroom, and the accessibility of the room itself
  • room to maneuver inside the room
  • access to power outlets and lighting controls
  • size of the shower, grab bars in the bathrooms and their position, height of the toilet and sink, typology of faucets
  • hotel location and many other details!

Go ahead to see our accessible hotels in Amalfi Coast, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome, Venice and other destinations.