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Accessible hotel accommodations in Bologna

In Bologna we provide 3* and 4* accessible hotels....

For every hotel you’ll find a detailed accessibility description of rooms, restrooms and common areas.
The accessibility of every hotel has been ascertained by our staff and you can see the pictures showing it.
You can download here our questionnaire form where you will fill in all the information about your disability, in order to suggest you the accessible accommodation that best suits your needs. All hotels have a code that you can tell us if you have a preference.
Furthermore, you can consult for each hotel the accessibility level, where more wheelchairs are present more accessible is the hotel.
In general, all the hotels have an entrance without steps or ramp with slight slope. The common areas such as reception, hall and breakfast room are flat or served by ramps. The accessible rooms when are not located on the ground can be reached by elevators whose dimensions are suitable for wheelchairs. The accessible rooms are all spacious to allow wheelchairs greater maneuverability. The beds have enough space to move sideways. The bathrooms have roll in shower (some with seats inside) grab bars and raised toilet seats.

Come and visit Bologna without worries. The city of Bologna is famous for the different possibilities that it offers and known not only for its cultural and artistic heritage, but also for the architectural one, with myriad of fortified towers and 38 km of the spectacular Portici (arcades). The main attractions of the historical center, the best-preserved medieval heart in Europe, are easily visitable even for disable tourists. Comfortable ramps of access allow the entrance at the Basilica of san Petronio and at the Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio the first, only and centralized, site of the most antique University of the occidental world. Right now, is one of the vastest Italian Municipal libraries.
A place to visit, but also to taste, with a cuisine that continues to keep high gastronomic tradition popular in the world. Tortellini, tagliatelle, lasagna e salsa al ragù (the notorious “Bolognese”) sounds like music in the ears and especially tease food lovers’ palates.

Discover our accessible tours https://www.romeanditaly.com/accessible/accessible-bologna-tours/

In Bologna, we provide accessible transfers with private vehicle equipped with platform from/to main airports and train stations and rental equipment.

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