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It does not really matter if this would be the first time or the second, third etc. visiting Florence. There is always a good reason to visit Tuscany’s capital city and its treasures and in November 31st, the doors and gates of the Uffizi Gallery, Pitti palace and the Boboli gardens will be open and free all day long. This should be enough, but the best is yet to come: every year, in some crucial dates for Tuscany’s history, many museums, galleries and so on are completely free to visit. Here are listed the dates where the “Big Threes” of Florence will be free to visit.

  • June 23rd, St. John’s day, patron of the city
  • October 11th, the anniversary of Vittoria della Rovere’s arrival at Florence
  • October 31st, where in 1737 was held the family agreement betwen the Medici House, almost extinguished at the time, and the future governors, the Lorraine-Habsburg House

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