Accesible Synagogue in Trieste

The synagogue in Trieste is one of the biggest in Europe; in fact, at the time it was built, the jewish community in Trieste counted more than 5000 members and had a great influence on the cultural and economic life of the city. In 1938 the jewish community had reached 6000 members, but after racial laws were passed by the fascist regime and after the german occupation of the city from 1943, jewish people in Trieste began to be heavily persecuted and 710 of them were deported to the Risiera di S. Sabba concentration camp. At the end of the war there were 2300 jews left in Trieste and today the  jewish community counts around 700 people. But the roots of the jewish community of Trieste go way deeper: a document from the year 1236 mentions jewish presence in the city; it is anotary act about a certain jew, Daniel David, who spent 500 marks to fight robbers in the Karst region. From an architectural perspective the synagogue has a pretty unique style, with middle eastern decorations mixed with jewish symbols; the great central dome can only be seen from far away while the smaller ones can be seen from the nearby streets.

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