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Rome and Italy is a DMC and tour operator  born from the union of professional experiences in the world of tourism, with more than 20 years of experience in the holiday organization in Italy. We have offices in Rome and in Florence with correspondents in all Italian cities.

Rome and Italy offers tours, transfers, activities and experiences all around Italy to tourists coming from all over the world. Leader in offering guided tours and special excursions besides the classic itineraries, with services customized to reach any target of customer satisfaction.

The touristic services are  carried out  by a qualified team, who has direct knowledge on the organization and is constantly selected to meet our customers’ requirements.

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Our team

Stefano Sghinolfi

Stefano Sghinolfi

CEO and Owner, Rome and Italy Tourist Services


Stefano Sghinolfi was born in Bologna on 21 November 1966.
He moved to Rome when he was only 4 years old, in 1970, where he’s practically always lived.
In 1989, when he was only 23 years old, he entered in the world of tourism. He started working as tour leader around Italy with groups of American tourists and he worked with the major American tour companies and tour operators of those years.
The work of tour leader brings him in contact with local tour guides in every corner of Italy and allows him to visit and know intensively every well-known (and not) place of our beautiful country.
Visiting and revisiting the beauties of our country, museums and sites all over Italy, with historical/touristic explanations by local guides always different, he acquires a detailed and capillary knowledge of all these places, which he deepens with studies and courses on a personal level.
He becomes a local tourist guide of Rome in 2009 and he continues working as a tour guide and tour leader. In the meanwhile, in 2007 he opens his own tour operator.
The knowledge of places of tourist interest, archaeological sites, museums and everything that attracts tourists to Italy, leads him, first for passion and then for professional purposes, to write articles that attract people’s curiosity towards our country.

Giorgia Rocchetti

Giorgia Rocchetti

CEO and Owner, Rome and Italy Tourist Services


Giorgia Rocchetti was born in Rome on 2nd of March 1985.
In 2005, when she was only 20 years old, she started working as a hostess and tour leader mainly because of her passion for travel and because her greatest desire has always been the discovery of the world.
Thanks to her previous job and experiences, she came into contact with different cultures and people. Later, she became a supervisor staff during events, located in Italy and in the rest of the world, with a large number of participants. This allowed her to improve her organization and communication skills.
Later in years she also started working as a tour leader with groups of tourists.

In 2007, she met Stefano Sghinolfi during working events and, thanks to their enthusiasm and passion for the beauties of Italy, they became partners and founded together a tour operator: “Rome and Italy group”.
Today Giorgia is a supervisor of the operational office and coordinates the other travel agents, she has specialized as a wedding planner and events throughout Italy that she tells us about in her articles and news on the website!

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