5 places you can’t miss in Rome and how accessible they are

5 places you can’t miss in Rome and how accessible they are:



The Colosseum is one of the greatest remnants of Ancient Rome, its sheer size and structure will leave you in awe. The biggest roman anphitheatre in the world was included in the New Seven Wonders of the world by UNESCO. Famous location of the gladiatorial fights and public events of the Ancient Rome. Despise what you might expect the access to the Colusseum it’s not that complicated, even on wheelchair. Don’t forget to check for ticket combos.

Skip the line Colosseum Rome


roman Forum

The centre of ancient Roman life, The Roman Forum it’s something amazing to see, these buildings still standing after so many centuries almost feels like you’ve traveled back in time.  In ancient times it was the heart of Rome’s life, this is the place where the bases for modern laws, politics, philosophy and western society were born.

Perhaps the Forum is one the most difficult part of Rome to access on your own on a wheelchair, the ground is so uneven that wheelchair users may struggle and need assistance.

Here’s our special tour aimed to grant full access to this location to the disabled.

Colosseum and Imperial Rome Tour – Italy


5 places you can’t miss in Rome and how accessible they are

The Pantheon is among the best preserved of monuments of ancient Rome. It was built almost two thousand years ago. Originally built as a pagan temple was converted into a Christian one in the 6th Century a.C. Known by the locals with the name of “The Rounded” due to tipical rounded shape of its dome. Masterpiece of architecture was modified several times, elements in different styles were added during the centuries. 

 The Pantheon is wheelchair accessible, and entry is free.

Classic Rome Tour – Italy


vatican museum

Visiting the Vatican Museums is an unique and unforgettable experience. They house one the world’s greatest art collections. An unparalleled collection of art pieces gathered by the Popes during the centuries. These collections stun and amaze thousands of tourists everyday.Be prepared for crowds which can make the experience a bit stressful. Wheelchair users have the possibility to go backwards along some parts of the tour route and get through roped off areas to avoid stairs. Disabled visitors (+ 1 companion) are entitled to skip the queues and gain free entry.

Here’s a tour you can’t miss!

Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel Tours 



Piazza Navona is the showcase of central Rome. The Baroque style can be seen in every corner of  this Piazza in the center of Rome, it has been depicted in uncountable amount of art pieces from all ages and has been the location of many movies. It’s known in the whole word for its unique and unmatched style. A beautiful square filled with street artists, ornate fountains and pavement cafes.  The perfect place the sit, watch the world go by and enjoy a gelato.

Classic Rome Tour – Italy

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