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Sicily Tours

Sicily Tours SICILY from Olivia Segarra Alcala on Vimeo. Sicily Tours • Greek temples and theaters, Roman mosaics, stories of history and myth, baroque palaces, eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, hilltop stone villages, sunlit olive groves, lush wineries, remote grottoes, and without a doubt the best food in all of Italy. We walk in the footsteps of monsters and heroes, from Cyclops, Odysseus, Aeneas, Sappho, Empedocles, Theocritus, and Archimedes, to Bellini, Garibaldi, WWII allied armies, Mafia dons, Giovanni Falcone, and Inspector Montalbano. As the greatest scholars and travelers have known, Sicily is the key to understanding Italy and our Greco-Roman Heritage:

“Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the soul: here is the key to everything.” Goethe, in Palermo, April 13, 1787

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Rome, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Palermo, Agrigento, Catania and Taormina.
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Cooking classes

Half day
How to learn to cook some of the famous local dishes with the most important Italian chefs? We start in the morning with a trip to one of the main and biggest market in...

Catania Highlights of the city

Half day
Catania Highlights of the city. Catania, the Sicily’s second largest city, is one of the most beautiful Sicilian cities and it is full of history.

Valley of the Temples

Valley of the Temples One of Sicily’s most famous historical attractions is without a doubt the Valley of the Temples, just outside Agrigento. It...

Relax in Wellness Centre

Full day
A relaxing day in one most exclusive wellness centre and health spa of the city...