Italy for Movies !

 Italy for Movies !

Italy for Movies

The Italy for Movies project was launched in January 2017, and the portal has been finally inaugurated last 31st August 2017.

The portal gives access to information on filming locations in the Italian regions and funding opportunities at regional and national level. The strategic aim here is to increase the appeal and visibility of the Italian regions to tourists through film production, and to secure an increasing flow of foreign investments for more effective tourism promotion through cine-tourism, also intensifying the use and appreciation of cultural, environmental and landscape assets.

Besides other information you can find on the portal a regional map of already existing films and audiovisual works (photos and videos) located and filmed in Italy.

So take a look to this portal, watch some movies, learn more about Italy and make your curiosity grown.. once you are ready, we will be there to help you book your Holiday in Italy, and make your dream come true!

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