Food and Wine Festival on September

Food and Wine Festival on September

Food and Wine in italy

If you are a food or wine lover, you cannot miss some appointments that will take place from Milan to Cosenza, from Bologna to Parma until Rome.
You will have the opportunity to taste milk and organic products, gourmet dishes and more…

In Piemonte region
From 14 to 18 of September will take place in Bra (Cuneo area – Piemonte region) a full scheduled program for cheese lovers. During the event there will be concerts, film and laboratories for child and obviously all participant could taste some products.
In Rome
4 days and 60 different courses: these are the numbers of “taste of Rome’s festival”. This event will have important protagonists such as Andriano Baldassarre, Cristina Bowerman, Daniele Usai and more. They will prepare some of their dishes in a small version. You cannot miss it!

San Vito Lo Capo
From 15 to 24 of September in Sicily will take place cous cous festival, that is one of the most important food event in the world. Furthermore San Vito lo Capo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole region.
Sonia Peronaci, who is the exceptional guest of this event, will show her cous cous interpretation

Milan will host the 3 edition of sake festival. Sake is a typical Japanese alcoholic beverage and during this event a lot of Japanese supplier will bring with their selves their products. Obviously you will have the opportunity to buy your favorite local sake.

If you are interested in organic and naturals products, you cannot miss the appointments in Bologna from 8 to 11 of September. During these days you could take part to forum and seminaries about organic and naturals products.

Chianti area
This event is focused on the healthy and eco-friendly economy. In fact, breeder and manufactures want to promote this type of economy trying to recover the ancient traditions. This event will give you the opportunity to discover different company that are Guardians of ancient animal breeds and fruit and vegetable varieties

from 1 to 11 of september you could live again gastronomic culture of the Roman era.
This is possible thanks to Mutica Boica festival, in which it is possible to taste appetizers, main courses and dessert typical of the ancient Rome. Shows, conferences, concerts, and workshops will animate the tavern throughout the festival

In Veneto will take place the Baccalà festival from 3 to 4 september. During this event there will be culinary competition and for the winner there will be a great prize.

Cosenza (Calabria region)
in calabria one of the most important spices is the pepper… in fact the event “Pepper festival” will take place in Cosenza area and it is possible to joint showcooking, street food and tasting. Finally there will be also a competition man vs pepper.

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