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Chocolate Museum Factory in Rome

Chocolate Museum Factory in Rome

If you’re visiting Rome as part of an Italy family holiday this winter then don’t miss out on a visit to the Chocolate Museum Factory, which will be open from November 18th, 2017, to February 18th, 2018 at the Fiera Roma.



The museum has been designed in an entertainment village style, featuring exhibitions, events, festivals and educational courses that have been created for children and families. There will be interactive workshops, lessons showing you how you can create your own chocolate at home and a fun environment that we’re sure will provide a fun day out for your family.

Chocolate Museum Factory in Rome

The Chocolate Factory Museum was first launched in 2014 in Thessaloniki (Greece) and arrived in Athens in 2015. With this latest venture in Rome, the Chocolate Factory Museum has a brand new format, with more of a theme park feel, and will also visit Milan, Naples and Palermo later in 2018.

Where: Fiera Roma, Via Portuense, 1645, Rome

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