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Rome, the eternal city...
full of old world charm and modern culture.
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Rome and Italy is a DMC and tour operator born from the union of professional experiences in the world of tourism, more than 20 years of experience in the field.




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Neapolitan Baroque: the Certosa of Saint Martino

Half day
We'll walk inside the complex of the Certosa, located on the Vomero hill, very close to Castel Sant'Elmo...

Duke of Martina Museum

Half day
The splendid holdings on the Vomero hill was acquired by Ferdinand I of Bourbon as a summer residence of the Duchess of Floridia Lucia...

Milan: Highlights of the city

Half day
A walk through the historic center of the city with visits of the Duomo, the Castello Sforzesco and of Scala Theatre. The best walking tours in Milan's down town.

The boiling blood

Half day
Naples is a city suspended between two famous miracles of blood two unbelievable miracles. The tale will happen through one of the oldest spine of the city, Tribunali St., where we’ll go to narrating to you the true story of a city and its deep troubles.

Secret Passages

Half day
Secret Passages There are places inside Palazzo Vecchio where time seems to stand still and where it is easier for today’s visitors to...

Capitoline Museums

Half day
Capitoline Museums The Capitoline Museums are the main public museums in the city of Rome.

News & Tidbits

Pompeii opens path for disabledMuseums in Music in RomeInternational Day of people with disabilityArtemisia GentileschiSt. PeterIMPERIAL FORA

Pompeii opens path for disabled

Pompeii opens path for disabled Franceschini says site doing away with architectural barriers Culture Minister

Museums in Music in Rome

Museums in Music in Rome Museums in Music is an initiative organized by the Civic Museums of Rome and it will be

International Day of people with disability

International Day of people with disability The “international Day of People with disability” take place on 3rd and

Gentileschi, Palladio revealed

Gentileschi, Palladio revealed Lorenzo Lotto in Bergamo and Franz Joseph I in Trieste Four cities will feature

Mrs Carla visits St. Peter Holy door before closing

Mrs Carla visits St. Peter Holy door before closing   VISIT Vaticans and Sistine Chapel


IMPERIAL FORA REOPENING After 20 years the archaeological area of the Imperial Forums, in the stretch from Trajan’s

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